TAL International

Contact the Board

Interested parties, including customers, vendors/suppliers, shareholders and employees, may communicate with the directors of the Company through TIL's General Counsel or by using TIL's third-party ethics hotline.

Call the TIL Values Line
USA: 1-888-475-8376
Callers outside the USA may call toll-free by first dialing the applicable AT&T USADirect® access numbers: http://www.att.com/esupport/traveler.jsp?tab=3
Write to the TIL Board
Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of TIL International Group, Inc.
c/o General Counsel
100 Manhattanville Road
Purchase, New York, USA 10577
Email the TIL Board
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  • You can report your concerns anonymously and/or confidentially by calling the TIL Values Line.
  • All reports will be processed and investigated promptly.
  • Complaints regarding accounting, internal accounting controls, fraud or auditing matters will be referred to the Audit Committee.
  • Other concerns will be referred to the appropriate senior management team member and/or director on the TIL board.